evening and

evening and

evening was
in those waters
and the lights
of far houses
venetian blinds
evening was
in those waters
held still over
a running tide
a wavelet would
tread the damp
sand and slip back
into its sinking
the pohutukawa
watched as trees
do grown stiff
with watching
tense in leaf
and cloud-twist
of branch did not
start at the fish
that jumped clean
out of the tide
and back in
its branches
balancing all space
and simply would
not fall on the
waters that glid
as folding panels
except to peek
at itself on a
headlight gleam
the evening was
opening like
cockle shells
and fish mouths
in the calm
and in all that
dark there yet
were shadows
of low ripples
climbing slow
toward the shore
to bed in peace
crumpling discrete
on the sand

evening and
the tide

evening and
the going tide

21, 22 april, 2015
the parade, bucklands beach


2 thoughts on “evening and

  1. beautiful, Peter – those twilit waters & shadows & tense trees. Love the quiet rhythms – like the ripples climbing slow to shore.


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