beached and boyant in the sun

The girls laughed and heaped more sea-weed on the luscious pile
where Lavinia sat
They all had scuba masks and snorkels
It wasn’t that
That made me grin, just their glee and yelps in high pitch

The shore was busy with delight
all ages played and filled my sight with happiness
Waves carried brown bodies with boards
Paddlers knelt or regally stood
While others jumped the white tide
that foamed the ride

Murray watched from throne aloft
His chariot a van backed up to the beach
and there he grinned and claimed
”I love the Gisborne vibe” who could not
agree this jibe

Today I biked and bled into the water
my heat retreated as I floated high on top
and years retreated also, as my brain is soft
or so its said by others that avoid such fun
I will run them over with my love and forgive
them much

Joy from the simple games we play on beach
Laughter medics one and all
and we forget the sand that reaches creases
nicks our skin and
be filled with it all



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