the black waters

Is: muted/ the empty sky

of evening/ wept until –


The stars fray/

derelict shadows


lie in ragged heaps/

the I, crystalline,


beside me –

long, serpentine


4 thoughts on “the black waters

  1. This is stunning, the formatting captures the feeling of fracture contributing to the dream-like quality of the imagery.


  2. thank you Sommer. i tried to justify the formatting on Poetry Circle, when asked about it, but failed. i think your comment sums it neatly.


  3. Well, I’d have to say I wouldn’t try justifying anything on Poetry Circle, it’s a lost deal, you’re always outnumbered and critically out-gunned LOL I love the jarring of the title when it bangs up against the ‘mighty’ ‘Is:’ in the first line, and how it finishes with the ‘serpentine’ ‘I’, like the serpent in Eden.


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