I tremble goodbye to ground
as a banner unbound
in wolfish
uplifts; undone
by the shrinking
farm of faces, breathing
in the changeling depths beneath


3 thoughts on “Abandon.

  1. Thanks for reading, Dean. Like a loose helium balloon in an updraft, the poem/poet has left. Gone. “Can you hear Major Tom” etc et al. So that ‘wanting more’, ‘abandon’ effect was very much intentional.


  2. Don’t abandon us Sommer!!!! this is great because it’s new but I do hope dear not the last, sometimes reworking a piece to be perfection well sometimes it’s good to leave them as a timestamp of that time, well that is a belief I write to. The old “make it fresh” write something new motivation gears me, but not saying perfection doesn’t have her place, but a wise old man did once say to me “nothing is complete without at least one mistake”. Please don’t leave Sommer you’re 2 latest are in the top 10 in the analytic stats.


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