Pingbacks what are they? by Editor

In response to Marks question this morning I have added the response here, I will be making more informed forum posts in the coming weeks as to what has been going on behind the scenes good on Mark for asking I am more than happy to share

Hi Mark,

The instances of pingbacks you see in the comments is where I have set up posts here to be auto posted to another website/blog/social-media/bookmark-index. If you look at some of PERALDIVERs previous posts you’ll see pingbacks where the poetry he has shared here he has also shared on other poetry websites. Some of the dailyblog poems I put forward also made pingbacks to the original post here.

The reasons for doing this is by sharing to other networks its important to allow the posts to link back to us here. The hope going forward is to build an index that originates from here and when shared it is then having it point or link back to us. This is important in the terms of Search Engine Optimization or “link juice”, going forward it is where I hope we then establish a round robin system going that builds us a bigger index which will then elevate our search standings in the Google search engine hence putting us on the map.

I saw you added yourself to the notification list of one of these networks this morning. Realise and are 2 different websites. The first is us here and the later is a site we autopost to on the network. Once I have setup what I plan to I am then going to ask all members who post to other networks to tell me so I can add that to the matrix I am building.

I have announcements I intend to be make in the coming weeks I have been hiding or waiting for someone to say something, but the last couple of weeks I’ve been able to spend a bit of time and money on this project. I have purchased some software improvements which I have been pondering how I was going best educate everyone on going forward, getting everyone off facebook another question. As it stands I’ve setup 12 networks that we are autoposting to now and I have more to setup and implement. I will notify everyone where in due course.

In my chosen career path I have a tendency to sound monotone or too technical in explanations of technology infrastructure but I hope that all makes sense Mark any questions shoot.

A side note there was also a major upgrade of “ultimate member” the membership software we pay for on the site, in doing so they reinvented the wheel so to speak it broke everything on the site I’ve just about got it back to what it was, everything I had setup over the last 2 years using version 1.xxxxx the upgrade to 2.0 it was majorly overhauled fixing it has taken much of my time.

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