DAMNED by Sonya Young

DAMNED by Sonya Young

He was a religion that no one followed
A church with cold, empty pews
He nailed himself to a crucifix
Then waited sadly for good news

He watched mankind marry the devil
With no divorce papers to be found
All these damned non-believers
The emptiness to which they were bound

The angels were bruised from falling
Their wings were plucked and spare
Feathers all blackened by brimstone
Everyone gasping for fresh air

He witnessed spontaneous stigmata
People bleeding hope through little holes
No help for the lost and lonely ones
And no redemption for their souls

Skeletons surrounded a makeshift altar
Casting judgement with bony eyes
The atmosphere was thick with hypocrisy
So much hate, falsehoods…and lies

His bible held no decipherable verses
No respect for the long haired man
No body of Christ, no compassion
Bloated egos grabbing whatever they can

The weary nuns all had bad habits
And hearts that were devoid of love
Anointed with a whole lot of nothingness
Guidance sought from below and not above

Demons dressed as businessmen
Holy water sizzled as it touched their skin
Heaven is full…please turn back
No room up here for your sins

A priest without a congregation
Collection plate rattled with gold fillings
They warmed their hands on Hellfire
Taking a break from torture and killing

The choirs throats were all tarnished
Emitting nothing but shrill screams
Hell was here on earth all along
Tormented souls with splintered dreams

Originally posted on http://poetry.org.nz/sonyayoung/damned/


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