blackbird lady by peterlebaige

blackbird lady
to a favourite NZ artist, Susannah MacDonald

this lady
i know,
have never met,
she paints the
things that come
where your dreams
leave off
conical shells of the
family volutidae
large as touch in
the brain
the wrapt cape and spindle
of their form decayed
the growing mouths
of shadow drifting
with cumuli above
a sea of island and
blue reflection,
painting what
your dreams have
left off

this lady draws,
have never seen,
and wings begin
to thrash
she paints the blackbird
as first you heard it
tasting of blue dark
drops of evening
in the hearing
in thicket of head
when the
moon blows silver
round through
the eye,
where your dreams
go off their way
her brush and
pen take over,

what your dreams
left off

april 2018

by Susannah MacDonald with her kind permission


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