Bookface by Editor

I feel sorry for him
He created the animal it is
It’s like a huge boil riddled with wormholes
Transporting everyone’s behaviors
In and out share it around
It’s not your friend
He hopped to the user database at his college
Into the library or laboratories he would have gone
Somewhere other users were logged into
Jumped onto someone’s session
Up the hallway jumping from user to user
Until he hit the student users database
Then a compiled script of pearl which his father had taught him as an 8 year old
He then ran its parse script
Gone done the list copying everyone’s records
Zip to his storage
Then posted it on a website known what it is for today
A website the other faculty members were now a member of
The very next thing he did was write the terms and conditions
In the movie, he was ridiculed on a pre-attempt of accessing the user database
The college guardians persecuted him through a tribunal
That I believe the second parse was an act of protest
Those terms and conditions get updated pretty regularly
That college I believe he attended is known for its law degrees
It’s not your friend
It’s a fucken cesspool of shit
The revelations of late are going to cost him
The developer side of it is getting locked down
Those silly quizzes and shit you do
Bad juju man
Don’t do it the algorithm is stronger
The API is going to get a full overhaul
Everything is going under the microscope
This is the tip of the iceberg
When the other ten thousand analytics stories come out
This is the entire projects life end?
For a kid that created the beast
I don’t know but I do know this will hurt him.

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