Rising Star by Akshay

Cold, Cold night
No one to say Hi !!
So I look at the sky
Clouds passing by

Cold, Cold night
I look up high
Calling my Name
A Star in the sky

Lonely, Not alone but,
I am fine, Said I

Stars shining Bright
I see them in the sky
Sitting on a tree
I see them passing  by

A stare the star gave me
Asked me a question why?
Sitting on a tree
You’re counting us passing by?

Hold my Hand
Come and see
How I am here and why

Know Me, Know my life, know the Star who’s in the sky

Some day you can tell the one
Sitting on a tree, watch the stars go by

He showed me his world
I was stunned by its light

Can I be like you, one of you?
Asked I!!

Yes you can, My Rising Star, My child
Not sitting on a tree
Counting stars at night

Wake up , wake up,
My rising star

It’s a morning light
A story , A dream, A Lesson of life
A look at the window
On my right
The Sun is out
Shining bright

Oh yes my LORD
In my mind
Thank you for the dream
Now I can see

No sign of clouds
I have passed them by

Originally posted on http://poetry.org.nz/akshay/rising-star/


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